Where To Find Herbs

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Where To Find Herbs

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For the first 70 points, you can go to Tirisfal Glades/Elwynn Forest. I recommend the two following zones, because they are really close to the zones that I recommend for the next part of the Herbalism guide.
You will gather the following herbs: [Peacebloom], [Silverleaf], [Earthroot]
70 - 150 head to Hillsbard Foothills because that is the best zone for this part of the Herbalism leveling guide. It's a horde only zone, this means it might be a bit harder to reach it for alliance players, and for low level players I recommend Darkshore and then at 115 go to Ashenvale, or Westfall and then at 125 go to Northern Stranglethorn. The reason I recommend Hillsbard is because you can level up to 150 in one zone.
You will gather the following herbs: [Mageroyal], [Briarthorn], [Bruiseweed]
150-230 Feralas/Western Plaguelands For the first 10 points until you reach 160, you won't be able to gather Khadgar's Whisker, and for the last 10-20 points, all of the herbs will be green, but it's still the fastest way if you to stay in these zones.
You will gather the following herbs: [Kingsblood], [Fadeleaf], [Khadgar's Whisker], [Goldthorn]
230-285 In both of the zones below the most common herb will be [Sungrass]. I recommend Thousand Needles, because in Eastern Plaguelands there are a lot of [Khadgar's Whisker] which will be green to you and grey for the last few points. I also like the easy layout of Thousand Needles, you just go in a straight line and you can't miss the herbs, but don't get me wrong, Eastern Plaguelands is a really great alternative.
285-325 Swamp of Sorrows: [Golden Sansam], [Sorrowmoss] Felwood: [Gromsblood], [Purple Lotus], [Dreamfoil], [Golden Sansam]
325-350 Terrokar Forest You will gather the following herbs: [Felweed], [Dreaming Glory], [Terocone]
350-400 In Howling Fjord, you will mostly find [Goldclover], but there will be some [Tiger Lily] near the rivers and lakes, you won't be able to gather these until you reach 375 in Herbalism.
400-425 Sholazar Basin is filled with Herbs. The most common herb is [Adder's Tongue], but you can also find some [Goldclover] and [Tiger Lily]. If you don't really care about selling the Herbs, you should stay in Sholazar Basin until you reach 450. All it takes is just one full circuit in the zone, assuming no one else is farming there.
425-475 Mount Hyal You will gather [Cinderbloom].
475-500 You should go to Deepholm and gather [Heartblossom] or you can stay in Mount Hyjal until you reach 500.
500-525 Uldum You will gather [Whiptail].
I hope you liked this Herbalism leveling guide! Grts to 525!


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