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Mining Hotspots

Post  Admin on Fri Mar 18, 2011 2:37 pm

Helpful for those trying to level up mining or bs/engineering/jc'ing. Post up your favorite spots to mine different ores and I'll add them into the list. We'll try to get a nice comprehensive list going.

Copper: (Requires Mining Level 1)

1. Durotar: Start at the gates of Org, head out towards the coast, down towards Razorhill then back up towards Org hitting the harpy caves along the way

2. Azshara: Circuits of the Strip Mine

Tin: (Requires Mining Level 65)

1. Stone Talon Mountains: Full circuits here, if you want break it into 2 paths. From the south entrance up around in a circular path to Windshear Crag and back down. Or From Windshear Crag up in a circular path to the peak then back down through the charred vale back to the Crag. Make sure you hit the actual mines in the crag.

2. Redridge Mountains: The two caves in the northwestern portion of Redridge (especially the northern-most one)

Iron: (Requires Mining Level 125)

1. Southern Barrens: Full Circuits

2. WPL: Full Circuits

3. Feralas: Circuits around the northern flight paths (Camp Ataya/Dreamer's Rest)

4. Cape of Strangletorn: Circuits of the southern tip [along with the island]. -Some spawns in the roots are tricky to get just need to do some jummping-

Gold: (Requires Mining Level 155)

1. Thousand Needles: Splithoof Hold cave (the inside only spawns gold)

Mithril: (Requires Mining Level 175)

1. Felwood: Irontree Cavern. Lots of spawn points in here, just do a full pass through run out and wait for respawns

2. Thousand Needles: Swim/Riverboat up and down the North "Coast" wall, lots of spawn points especially near Splithoof Hold

3. Burning Steppes: Circuits of Dreadmaul rock, Hitting each of the caves.

4. Searing Gorge: Full Circuits, hitting the Cauldron as well.

5. Badlands: Full Circuits. Start south of New Kargath following the outer wall around counterclockwise, cut through Lethlor Ravine. Be sure to check in the caves as well as the plateaus.

Thorium: (Requires Mining Level 245 (small nodes) 275 (rich nodes))

1. Ungoro Crater: Full circuits of the outer edge of the zone are the best, keep your eyes peeled on the mountainside as well as up on the plateaus for the pylons.

2. Winterspring: Full circuits are good. The cave systems have high concentrations though, eg: yeti cave.

3. Swamp of Sorrows: Full Circuits here, check out inside of the caves as well.

Fel Iron: (Requires Mining Level 300)

1. Hellfire Peninsula: Full circuits are the best here, although it can be broken up into smaller circles if you don't have epic flying/don't want to circle the whole zone. Pay special attention to Fallen Sky Ridge, it normally has 3 spawn points up at the same time.

Adamantite: (Requires Mining Level 325 (small nodes) 350 (rich nodes))

1. Nagrand: Full circuits again. Be sure to check the lakes as there are a few spawn points in them, as well as all of the ogre caves.

2. Terokkar Forest: Circuits of the outer edge, being sure to pass all over Skettis

3. Isle of Quel'Danas: Quite a few nodes here, with little competition, do a quick lap of the island.

Cobalt: (Requires Mining Level 350 (small nodes) 375 (rich nodes))

1. Borean Tundra: Start flying over the dark rock around Warsong Hold then out towards Caldera then up towards Bor'Gorok Outpost/the Airstrip, then loop around the outer edge of the geyser fields then back down towards Warsong Hold.

Saronite: (Requires Mining Level 400 (small nodes) 425 (rich nodes))

1. Sholazar Basin: Full circuits of the outer edge, be sure to dip in for the Venture Co. Mine, usually a few spawns there as well as River's Heart.

2. Icecrown: Full circuits of the mountains. Lots of spawn points here and a little less competitive than Sholazar.


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